by - Monday, August 28, 2017

I'm not sure if there is anything much more frustrating than the feeling of being undervalued and unappreciated at work. 

I am a valuable member of my team. I'm extremely knowledgeable, and I do my job well. 

I will admit that I am confrontational at times - but I believe that stems from not ever being asked my opinion about how I think things could be better, or constantly having the opinions and ideas I have shot down. It's like almost 20 years of experience means nothing. I'm sure you can imagine how frustrating that can be to never have a voice. Or to be given the carrot that perhaps one day my voice will get heard. 

I should never not be able to sleep on a weekend because I can't get my brain to shut off, or sit in a Superstore parking lot at the end of a stressful Friday crying. I should not feel like a lesser person because I push back, wondering why, after nine years in my job, people are asking me to do things that have never been part of my job, assuming that I can just drop everything that is part of my job to jump at tasks I feel are very much part of other people's jobs, not mine, and then being chastised for questioning these tasks. It's not to say that I refuse to take on other responsibilities - I'm constantly looking for ways to improve the service I give - I just like to have those added responsibilities relate to my client base, and my role within my organization - one that has been pretty clearly defined for over nine years now. 

But it's doubtful that no matter the arguments I make, or the information or evidence I provide in favour of my ideas, that my opinion will be taken seriously, valued or even taken seriously. 

And that's a really fucking frustrating feeling. 

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