Accomplishments (or non-Accomplishments)...

by - Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Okay - here is a list of things I wanted to accomplish today (I know that it is still before noon, but here is the list anyways):

1. Take the Myers-Briggs test online - not going to happen - it costs $150 US to find out that I am a Type-A personality (or thinking, extravert, intuition, judgement as they call it) - already know that.

2. I was going to look at maybe doing a will - that isn't going to happen since I can't find any free templates in Canada.

3. I was going to learn all about Feng Shui - but there is too much information. Where is the Dummies Guide to Feng Shui when you need it?

So - I am not doing so well... here is what I have accomplished:

1. I didn't tell a co-worker that her fly was down... I don't like this co-worker all that much so I don't feel bad.

2. I am madly working on winning another 10 games of crib online to get my Cribbage Fondue Party badge.

3. Read all my daily blogs.

4. Oh - and I have done a bit of work as well... I mean - that is what I am being paid to do!

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