Common Sense...

by - Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Okay - I think that I am going to rename my blog "Things that Tick Me Off, and a Couple of Crafts"... I seem to do a lot more bitching lately than anything else.

First off - common sense. Maybe it is because I spent two summers early in my illustrious career as a Sandwich Artist - maybe it is just because I have common sense. But, when someone orders a foot long sub and hands in a coupon for buy one, get one free - should it really take longer than it took to make the sub to explain how to charge me for a six-inch, and I get the other six-inch free??? Probably not...

Second... this one is directed right at me. I can't even remember to do stuff when I WRITE IT ON MY HAND! I make a list of stuff I need to grab from home at lunch - and do I remember any of it? Nope! And I can't say I should have tattooed it on my forehead - because I avoid mirrors at any cost.

Third... Costco rules. I just brought back a pedestal sink (it was still in the box) that I bought with my ex in May 2004. I had the receipt... but still... 2004??? I hate pedestal sinks. Now that the ex has been tossed to the curb, I can finally decorate the downstairs bathroom the way I want - with a sink I can store crap under...

Fourth... I just realized that I have been without a downstairs bathroom since before May 2004. Boy - was I lucky to get rid of the ex or what? I have done more work in six months than he did in three years - and I am doing most of it by myself... I am woman - hear me roar!!

Oh - and I wasn't going to make reference much to V-Day... but I just had a student that I recruited to the uni three years ago send me an e-mail wishing me a happy v-day... isn't that sweet? See - I do do a damn good job at what I do (there are far too many dos in that sentence - oh well!).

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