Work Shmerk...

by - Thursday, February 22, 2007

FYI... I have updated this post about ten times... I keep adding more... why don't I just add another post you say? I don't know... bear (bare?) with me... I am sick...

I feel like crap today... Jenn called in sick - so I am blaming her for my illness... although I don't know what she has... but if it is what we both had before Christmas... plugged nose, itchy eyes, sore throat, ears that won't pop... then I am totally blaming her 'cause that is what I think I am getting... oh well, I guess I could have a sick day tomorrow if I still feel like crappola...

I think I have found a solution to my need for Photoshop - I mean, all I really wanted it for was to create nice watermarks for the cards that I put online and in my new Etsy store so that they aren't totally copied (by this I mean pictures directly stolen from me and posted on other websites, etc. - it has happened to my more talented stamping blogger friends - lots!) and to be able to make cool banners... I downloaded a free program called PhotoPlus 6.0 and it seems to do what I want - which is the layering that Photoshop allows. So we will see how that goes before shelling out big bucks for a program that in all honesty I won't use all that much... this is the banner I designed last night for my Etsy store...

Pretty cool isn't it? I think I am going to doll up my blogger header later on today with something... nothing too much - that would take away from the retro look I am loving!

Here is a sample of what I have finally decided will be my watermark... very much ala Emily, but I like it. Please note that the picture in the back IS NOT MINE... I just found something I had saved to show the contrast!


Tonight is casino night with the girls - although I forgot to put on my lucky casino underwear - yeah - I am lame... but that ginch has won me a couple of hundred dollars in the last few weeks! Maybe I will go home at lunch and change...

Oh - and I left a comment on Debbie's blog last night - and she e-mailed me back!! I have gotten so caught up in this stamping world - she is awesome. I keep all my e-mails from superstar stampers... like a geek... I have gotten one from Julie HRR, Sarah Vrolyk, Anna Wight and now Debbie Olson - and Emily left a comment on my blog once... yuppers... I am a geek and I am proud of it!!

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  1. I love that picture!!! Could you forward it to me? And obviously in my world the little kid in the Flames Jersey scores and they win the pennant.

    PS: Got your Valentines today!! Thanks, but where did you find NHL Valentines? They are too cute.

  2. Leone gets giddy about emails from knitters. So yeah, that makes sense.