Domestic Goddess... Once Again...

by - Sunday, March 04, 2007

Okay - so I have decided to leave plumbing for professionals. I can put the taps in just fine - but the P-trap thingy is causing me grief... since of course my pipes are old (older than me anyways - which is saying a lot since I hit the big 3-0 in just a couple of months), so I can't just buy a kit. So - once that tax return comes in I will hire myself a plumber. And maybe a shelf organizer... I looked and looked, but there aren't many shelves that I can retro-fit to my odd shaped closet without forking out over $100 and wasting a bunch of wood.

That said the basement is MUCH cleaner, I have banana bread in the oven, and individual sheppard's pies and meatloaves ready to go. I plan on vacuuming tonight and then work on some new cards - and of course draw for my blog candy!!

Back to the kitchen!

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