Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! {Cougars Could win in 4!}

by - Monday, March 26, 2007

Okay... so this may be a long post... but I will try and keep you entertained by throwing in funny stories and my ever-so-dry humor...

So - Jen and I travelled to Kamloops this weekend to watch the Prince George Cougars play the Kamloops Blazers in the first round of the WHL playoffs. We get to the arena and they are handing out giant orange fingers... well... like the "We're #1" fingers... little did they know that by the end of the weekend they should have made fingers holding up two fingers... hahahaha.

The arena down there is a little different (three levels) - but they are a more giving team than my cheapo Cougars. I didn't have to pay for the line-up sheet AND I managed to scam three complete sets of Kamloops Blazers hockey cards - one set is on its way to Brandon for my friend Steve... the others will live in PG in the big old box of WHL playoff memorabilia that I have going. The fans are great - there was definitly some ribbing going on between the two sets of fans (I figure that there were close to 250 PG fans in attendance)... I must say that adding alcohol to PG fans makes us a little rambunctious... but it was fun all the same.

And the best part - WE WON - BOTH GAMES!! IN OT... okay - I think that is enough capital letters for now... the first game we kept trading goals and we ended up winning 3-2 in OT, then the second game we were down 4-2 and came back to win 5-4 in OT. Real Cyr was amazing! It was like watching Gumby play hockey - the kid was everywhere! I tell you - winning two games on the road really quiets the home town fans. And after the second game Evan Fuller, Ty Wishart and Real Cyr all motioned over to us fan that invaded section J and waved at us - I think that we helped them (or at least in my mind we did)...

Now onto games 3 and 4 tomorrow and Wednesday here!!

Oh - and my hockey team is in the final - tonight... Elkcentre... thank god my neck isn't hurting like it was yesterday and I will be able to play!!

Okay - now onto my dream about Peter Fallico... for those of you who don't watch HGTV Peter is a designer - quite a good one if you ask me... and he is gay... not that I mind homosexual people - to each his own - but I normally try not to have dreams of them in a 'romantic' way... but in the process - boy did he design my loft apartment nicely (not that I own a loft apartment - but I also make a point of not making out with guys who prefer men...)... oh well, I must find myself a dream book to see what this all means... hopefully in a round about way I will be getting rich and meeting a hot, single, heterosexual guy!!

Now back to work - I survived the meeting this morning... yeah!!

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  1. Hey, I read a whole hockey post! Whoo!

    And I think dreaming of gay boys is the whole reason Queer as Folk was created. Mmmmmm, cute gay boys. Hot gay boys. Excuse me, I need to be alone.