Oh Mylanta...

by - Saturday, April 14, 2007

I can't believe it... the Cougars were down 3-0 going into the third period and pulled a 4-3 regulation time win out of their asses!! Not that I was jumping off the bandwagon myself, but I could hear people all over Prince George hurling themselves into oncoming traffic to get off the bandwagon... and then a thunderous roar as they all ran to catch up to it to just back on... yes... I have lost my mind... now I have to get all set for game six (yeah - like I have to get ready for game six... the way I am talking you would think that I was in the damn game!)!

Tomorrow is yet another Hockey Day in Canada... Flames vs. Detroit at 10:00 am, curling at 1:00, the Senators vs. Penguins at 3:00 and the grande finale of the Canucks in Dallas at 6:00 or so... good thing I don't plan on doing much else but sit in front of the TV tomorrow!

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  1. Yeah I thought of you this morning as I flipped by Komo? or some US station and they mentioned the Cougars and PG. I'm all WTF? People in our own province don't mention us. Then they showed a clip of the game and said the Cougars had won. So I gave a little yay on your behalf. Because, as you know, I really couldn't care otherwise but I'll cheer for you.