Sweaty and Stinky...

by - Saturday, April 21, 2007

That is how I feel right now... I just spent the last three and a half hours trying to finish the downstairs bathroom. Last night I plumbed the sink, and it seems to be all good... this morning I put in the shower faucet and shower head, finished the baseboards, put up the towel rack and toilet paper holder, put the door back on and tried to put up the light - but as with some of the rest of the basement there is something wrong with the wires - I will get that looked at... I hope that it doesn't affect the appraisal value of my house (the bank is asking for an appraisal before I can get re-mortgaged)... I am just going to say that I haven't picked out a light yet. The only other things that I really need to do are grout the downstairs basement entry tiles (I am going to head to the tiling place after I shower - I can do that tomorrow), and I guess tile the dowstairs hearth - but I can't do that right now - I don't have the tools, nor the drive to do it. I figure if I clean the place up I should be okay... I am not sure what they will say about the back deck that my ex ripped apart a couple of summers ago - I mean the deck is kind of falling apart (I need to put down a new 'floor') but there are no railings... so I figure that there are only a couple of glaring issues - the hearth, the deck and the lighting in the bathroom - but I hope that I can pull a value of $210,000.00 to $215,000.00.

Here are some pictures of my masterpiece... no more house repairs today!! I am going to shower!!

The Canucks and the Cougars play tonight - here's hoping for a couple of wins!

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  1. HOLY F#@K Carmen that looks fantastic. And I remember what a hole it looked like before. YOu are great..want to come do our pick bathroom over for us?

    Yes I am sad about the Flames today...but tomorrow is another day and here's hoping they kick Motor City USA ass!!

  2. Hmm, you could totally get your own show called "hot chicks who fix things" or something like that.

    That would be awesome!

  3. We re-painted our upstairs bathroom in, what looks to be, the same blue that you used... very nice :)

    I agree - hot chicks who fix things :)

    Go Canucks Go!