To My Dear Friend Karen...

by - Thursday, April 12, 2007

I am sorry that the Calgary Flames suck and the Vancouver Canucks are awesome. Keep that in mind for the next round when you need a team to cheer for...


Of course now that I say that the Canucks will lose the rest of their games, and the damn Flames will win the Stanley Cup... AND... it so isn't fair that Heather got to watch ALL SEVEN periods of hockey last night... so not fair...

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  1. You are too funny! You should have seen me dragging my butt all day at work...that wasn't funny!! As for Karen and her beloved flames....bwa haa haa!! Too bad Kiprusoff looked more like a Kiprusieve!!

  2. OK OK I know last night was freakin' HORRIBLE!!!! I am SO embarassed to say they are my team..but you wait, it will turn around and they will be in the finals again!!!!!

  3. I know...I can get a little cocky after sitting through almost 7 periods of hockey!! It was exhausting! At least your not a Toronto fan, Karen. Then I'd really be on your case!! Actually I'm kinda' rootin' for Calgary in that series as I hate Detroit and I'd like to see all the Canadian teams win - this round!!
    Ok, I'll stop now. Our game is still 5 hours away and I'm still at work.
    Hey Carmen, I'll be thinking of you tonight - we don't have tickets but I'll be watching at home!!!