When it Rains, it Downright, Damnwell Freaking Pours!!

by - Thursday, April 12, 2007

Okay, so after my crying saga at work yesterday, a bazillion periods of overtime, and a restless night filled with rather odd dreams... I get an e-mail from my ex this morning in response to a response I sent to him yesterday... here is an excerpt...

"I would like to talk to you fairly about the house, I know that I signed that agreement, but like I mentioned I thought you would have had to sell it and start over, and I didn't want that to happen. What I would like to think we can agree on is if and when you sell it I get a share of the profit. I'm not asking for lots just what would be fair. "

FAIR??? You left me dammit! You said that you didn't love me anymore and that you wanted out. So I let you out... gladly... since I didn't love you anymore either! I didn't even ASK for things like alimony, part of your pension, etc. - didn't even freaking ask... and now you want part of the house that you signed over because you didn't do your research and didn't give me credit for making a decent wage and being able to support myself. I figure I would be rich if I asked for alimony... lets see... you make $90,000 a year, I make $50,000 - which means the difference is $40,000 a year - which means I am entitled to HALF!! For doing nothing except having been married to you... so I figure that since I am saving you $20,000 a freaking year, I can keep the house... f*ck - I am so pissed off. I didn't make him sign the separation agreement without discussing it with me... I didn't force him to sign over the house... he did it on his own because he had a guilty conscience. I can't help that he doesn't think things through and has a brain the size of a gnat!

Needless to say, my response to him rather politely says to screw off... I was EXTREMELY cordial in this whole process... I wasn't a bitch, I didn't threaten him, I just wanted it over! It has been EIGHT months now - and since he has no money (through no fault of mine - you see what he makes!)... he feels the need to impede on my happiness.

Onto happier things... I am signing up for soccer today... I am nervous - I think the last time I played I was in junior high and I don't remember being all that good then. But I am in it for the exercise... not to win the World Cup!

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