by - Sunday, October 14, 2007

So... it is 12:45 am... I am MSN'ing a guy that I met on Lavalife... we are playing a very clean game of truth or dare to get to know eachother better... and during this one of the questions that came up was "What is one thing you want to do before you die?". So... I answered... but then I thought - there is lots more that I want to do... so here is my list... it isn't quite the 101 Things to Do Before I Die list... but it is growing... and evolving... and I can already check off a couple of things... since I managed to eat sushi the other day...

1. Eat sushi DONE
2. Get a tattoo DONE
3. Start a business
4. Photocopy my butt on a photocopier
5. Get a University degree DONE
6. See an NHL hockey game DONE
7. Go to the symphony – and enjoy it!
8. See at least one of the Seven Wonders of the World
9. Learn to fire a gun DONE
10. Be hypnotized
11. Go whale watching
12. Fall deeply in love
13. Kiss the Blarney stone
14. See the Meditteranean sea
15. Go to a drive-in movie theatre
16. Write my will
17. Ride a mechanical bull
18. Snowboard
19. Go white water rafting
20. Skydive
21. Bungee jump
22. Ride 25 different roller coasters
23. Bet $100 on black in Vegas
24. Go wine tasting in France
25. Go to a live taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno
26. Throw a dinner party for friends... with more than four courses
27. Go to my 25-year high school reunion
28. Visit Times Square
29. Sing karaoke – in public!
30. Dance in the rain with someone I love...
31. Learn to ride a motorcycle
32. Take a photography course
33. Watch a sunrise and sunset from the top of a mountain
34. Visit Anne of Green Gables house
35. Go on an African safari
36. Research my family tree
37. Learn how to make wine
38. Make a hole in one
39. Live debt free DONE (for the time being)
40. Get a Brazillian wax
41. Get acupuncture therapy
42. Visit the Mayan ruins
43. Ride a double-decker bus DONE
44. See male strippers
45. Get a breast reduction
46. To be continued...

It is now 1:15... still on MSN...

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  1. Oh, cool list. Good job on the sushi front. And time square is best seen IMHO at night from a cab as you drive through. This way you can see more without the stupid crowds making you want to punch someone.

    Travel Tips by Jenn.