The One Day of the Year...

by - Friday, November 23, 2007

I wish I was an American... no - not for the football... not for the Macy's Day Parade... but for BLACK FRIDAY!!
'Cause you know... there is nothing like trampling small children and the elderly to get a deal (and you all know that I would so start taking out the old people to get what I want!)

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  1. some of totally boycott this day-and I am boycotting the whole weekend. Its so insane. I could not even buy a newspaper yesterday because all the ads and coupons were in it and people paid for one and took a bunch out of the machines. all I wanted was the sports scores.

    Amercians and elsewhere spend too much time spending what they dont have instead of investing for their futures. I know people who say they are poor and have more crap and debt than is possible. Less is sometimes more.

  2. crazy americans!

    how is the new camera? any cool pics to share?

  3. oh and how was your craft fair this weekend - I haven't even been to one this year - completely lame-o and I totally haven't been working as hard on my scrapbooking and crafts as I'd wanted to... booo... although my schedule is clearing up now that my guide/book and one website is near completion...

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Shit, you would SO have your elbows up and such disregard for the elderly! ... This pic both makes me laugh and be sad at the same time ... Thanks.