by - Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I seem to be reflecting a lot lately... which is not necessarily a good thing. My bestest friend in the whole world has been diagnosed with cervical cancer... at age 30... I know that everything will be fine... I have to know that or I don't know what I would do... she is a fighter... and strong - stronger than she knows and stronger than she gives herself credit for... later on I will be posting some cards that I will be selling as my first items in my Etsy store (yeah - the one I started ages ago and have done nothing with)... and they will be to benefit cervical cancer research. I think that it is important that I say cervical cancer as there is no-doubtedly many forms of cancer (damn you cancer!) out there, but I want to support the one that is closest to me... although I wish it weren't. I will let you all know when the cards are made - I just need to get through my craft fair at work this week first.

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  1. Hi Carmen,
    So very sorry to hear about your friend. It is alarming the number of stories I've heard lately about young women battling cancer. It just isn't fair! My prayers and wishes for a speedy, and healthy outcome for your friend. I'll be watching your store to see what wonderful things you come up with.
    Take care,