Things to Accomplish on the Weekend Before Christmas... Updated...

by - Saturday, December 22, 2007

1. Book trip to Europe before I spend all my money and I can't afford to go (apparently I am not that good at saving - damn stamping enablers... oh yeah... and my need to do interesting things in Calgary that I was not exposed to for 12 years living in Prince George)... CHECK!
2. Buy camera bag (yeah - I am sure I could have asked for one for Christmas, but I am quite specific and I may not even find what I am looking for in Cowtown)... CHECK!
3. Finish Christmas shopping... just one more thing for my brother - too bad I don't know yet what that one thing will be... CHECK!
4. Pick up the new Stampin' Up catalogue from Michelle... CHECK!
5. Spend ALL DAY Sunday in my pj's wrapping presents, watching TV and perhaps even stamping... CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!!!!

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