Is it Wrong to Call Yourself a Genius?

by - Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I think not... I figured out how to un-delete my pictures all by myself! Here are the four cards that I made the other night...

Well... it looks like as smart as I am to get the pictures back... Blogger is not letting me upload them... so you will just have to trust me that I did make cards... I will post them when I can...

On a side note... is there something I can do (other than smacking which has been suggested) to make a guy not like me... a nice thing... the dude is all over me like a wet rag and I just can't take it - I fake being tired, I turn away from him... I guess the big thing is no more hanging out since he can't take my nice hints... which is a shame because as a friend he would be okay...

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  1. Hey, do I have your email address? Why am I typing this here, we're on facebook. Oh well, I'm going over there but I'll leave you a note here anyway.