It's About Frickin' Time!!

by - Friday, January 11, 2008

I got served with my divorce papers today... yeehaw... granted... after I come off this emotional high of happiness I will probably have a good cry... but it is all worth it... soon there will be no ties to my ex and I won't have to keep checking 'married' at work (apparently they don't have a 'separated' category in the dang computer)...

ETA... haven't had that cry yet... must still be on the emotional high... or maybe I don't need to cry... who knows?

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  1. 1- I had a fricken PARTY when I got divorced. So no, I don't subscribe to the notion that you have to cry. It is okay if you do, but you don't have to. It has been long enough and, well, you two have really dealt with enough already.

    2- Even when still "married" (but separated) I check "single" on everything. Afterwards I never checked divorced, just single. I figured this better reflected my state of mind and all that other stuff be damned.

    To be clear, I now check married. This is not an anti-marriage thing, this is more about the fact that if I'm not married, I'm single.


    3- Congrats!