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by - Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hmmm... this weekend has been an interesting one. For the first time since moving to Calgary I felt a little lonely. I guess spending a whole week with family and then coming back to your own apartment will do that to you... I am hoping I don't have this feeling very often!!

The IIHF 2008 Women's Under-18 World Championship is happening this week in Cowtown. I went last night to an exhibition game between Canada and Switzerland... and as much as I am one of the proudest Canadians you will ever meet (with only a few moments of denouncing my citizenship during international hockey losses)... I was kinda hoping that the Swiss would score a goal... they got their butts kicked... but they didn't give up and the Canadian girls didn't rub it in their faces - which to me is very much a Canadian thing to do... so every night this week I will probably be at the arena freezing my butt off cheering on Team Canada... I was surprised at the speed of the game and can only hope that some of the other teams put up a little bit better fight. If you are in Calgary I really suggest going out to support women's hockey - these girls may only be 17 and 18 - but they are the future of our Women's National team.

My patterned paper pile has exploded... so I am going to spend the better part of the afternoon organizing it... god knows I like to hoard the stuff and not use it... so I am going to take this opportunity (notice my word of the year??) to sort and purge... maybe see if a friend wants my leftovers.

My first hockey game of the year is tonight... one of the opportunities that I am going to take advantage of is not skipping games... if it means that I have to nap before the game (they are usually 10:15 on a weeknight!!)... I will go (unless I have plans... plans trump me sitting on the couch wasting away into nothing). My whole body will probably hurt tomorrow... but it will be a good hurt and well worth it!

What else??? I had a 'date' on Friday... what is it? He is a nice guy... but I have absolutely no attraction to him... not past friends anyways... why can't I just find a guy who likes me as much as I like them and we can end this hunting and gathering phenomenon also known as dating...

That's it for now folks... off to the craft room for some sorting fun!!

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  1. seeing the team Canada games would be fun! I'm jealous! Cheer loudly for me!

    And as for the dating, don't give up! You never know who you might find - even at a hockey game?!

    Hope the paper sorting went well!