Back in research mode

by - Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well, I survive my week in Las Vegas.  The trip was great – we went out to the Grand Canyon and saw the Cirque du Soleil show ‘Love’.  AND… I came back with almost as much money as I left with – so all is good with my budget for Europe.
I am in full research mode for my European Whirl now.  I just finished some stuff about London – now I am moving onto Paris… I am not going to be bringing travel books with me (which will be tough as I have pretty much been reading Rick Steve’s books for about three months straight now)… I am hoping to make myself a little notebook about the things I want to see and some of the important things like transit in the cities and such.
I have decided to just bring the point and shoot camera… I brought the DSLR to the Grand Canyon and it didn’t take significantly better pictures considering the size of it.  The camera course that I took did prepare me to better use the functions on the point and shoot though so I am confident that I will still get good pictures… now I have to decide whether or not to get a new point and shoot with the Image Stabilization before I go – I doubt it though!
I am going to contact my travel agent this week to see if my stuff from Contiki has come in yet – apparently my guy is a bit of a dufus so I have to stay on him as I don’t trust him to contact me when the stuff arrives.

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