by - Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think karma took the opportunity to smack me... teaches me to speak so soon.

I went to the doctor today to talk about two things: a) my knee that makes weird clicking and grinding noises and b) a breast reduction.

Turns out my knee may be Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome... know the irony? It is also called runner's knee... and all that know me know that running is not really in my vocabulary. Fast walking - yes... running - no. X-rays tomorrow morning and then we will see after that.

Now the karma sucker-punch. The breast reduction. You see - at 6 feet tall and just over 200 lbs. I am actually considered obese... according to the idiots that made up the BMI. The BMI does not take into consideration bone size or the fact that I have huge boobs* or anything like that. I guess you can guess that I think the BMI is a load of duck turd.

That aside... 20 lbs... that is how much weight my doctor would like me to lose so that my potential surgery will be 'optimal'. Good thing I decided last week I actually wanted to lose 20 lbs. (although that means buying all new pants and I just freaking bought all new pants) - now I have the incentive of a surgery at the end. So... starting on Sunday (which is when the little booklet I have starts) I am going to be counting Weight Watchers points and trying to work out as much as possible. Which may be hard given the whole knee thing.

Tonight I spend my time downloading workout music to make myself a playlist that doesn't make me angry. Although angry and treadmills probably go together quite well.

*that is so going to send google searches crazy!

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  1. workout songs...

    you're beautiful - james blunt
    can, can, can - from the moulin rouge soundtrack

    i'm also quite partial to most barenaked ladies songs - but I especially like the first album for working out - particularly brian wilson

    i also like the JT song - what goes around - the extended version - playing that while walking/running let's me know i've completed a good set because the song is 7 and 1/2 minutes long.

    WW - is a good program - Bob from Biggest Losers also has a couple of great books and I'd argue that his program is easier to use - WW works though - as long as you stick with the program. Bob's book is about changing your life and I think it really works best his way... but it is all about what inspires you the most - good luck!

  2. Breast reduction--best thing I ever did for myself. Should be well worth the effort!