I am All Set...

by - Friday, September 26, 2008

I have this... my fancy new iPod shuffle. And these... new lululemon Boogie crop capri pants.
And these... my first pair of new running shoes in EIGHT years! Now I just have to get my ass to the gym... but since I will be styling apparently all in pink (WTF??) I should be good to go... I mean - it is all about how you look right?

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  1. If you want something a little more directed (I grow bored by exercise equipment!), there are some good drop-in classes at the Family Leisure Centre. The classes in the morning are chockful...but since you work, the night ones may be worth considering!


    I take those total body conditioning classes...it's just a fancy name for "boot camp". They have registered programs too if you are interested!


  2. its a great way to get a head start.

  3. I love my little mini ipod thingy. It is blue. We should be work-out buddies...