Pick Your Bobblehead...

by - Friday, September 26, 2008

I mean pick your party... or perhaps 'take me to your leader'... In all honesty I have been following the US election (it is far more sexy... if you can use sexy to describe politics) more than the Canadian one... but since I am Canadian and all (hmmm... I am also now British... does that mean I get to vote for their Prime Minister as well? Must look into that)... I should probably figure out who I should vote for.

So I went online to ctv.ca (I may or may not be watching Degrassi: the Next Generation at work and this may or may not have shown up on a commercial)... and they have a 'race' to Pick Your Party... unfortunately I picked a party that I didn't think that I had much in common with... but I still have until October to make my decision...

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  1. I took this test too and then I had to scramble on the interweb to read all about the parties and see if the one I picked was really the one I agreed with.

    I hadn't even considered them before!