I Have a Hankering...

by - Thursday, September 18, 2008

For a booty-call... yup... me - who swore off sex after my experience with the 'old new guy' not even three weeks ago. Yeah... I guess that didn't last eh?

You see... I have this guy. I don't believe the circumstances of meeting this guy were ever a topic on my blog... I look back to the month it happened and really there was a slight mention of something and it went along the lines of "and I am sure you can image" for the sake of my mom (and well... even after everything my mom still reads my blog and really... she hasn't disowned me for being a floozy or anything... so - if she keeps coming back she is going to get an eye full!). Well... many people may have assumed in the post that perhaps I got free tickets to a hockey game or perhaps some free merchandise... but really - I had a week long fling with a guy who was in town for work.

It was a blast. I hadn't really ever done that before, and really - I had come out of an eight or so year relationship only a few months before... so even if I had done something even remotely close to picking a guy up at his hotel room for a romp in the hay - it hadn't been for a long, long time. Did I mention this all started on my 30th birthday? And you all wonder why I loved being 30... and think that the 30's are the new 20's...

That week taught me one thing really... I like sex. I hadn't for a long time (I can actually count on ONE hand the number of times I had done it with my ex in the last two years of our relationship - and each time really sucked... I mean really, really, really sucked)... pretty much declared to the world that I didn't care if I ever had it again... and I then I re-discovered that I like it. A lot.

Then I move... to the same city said fling lives in. Now we are in a position where we can contact each other when needed to fulfill certain needs. It doesn't happen every week or even every month, but enough that it happens what I would call regularly.

The thing is... I am not really a fling-type person. I had hoped that I was over them when I finished university. I really would like to find one person who I can have a relationship with... I don't know how to put in words how I feel after I go and do the deed... it isn't dirty... but I guess it is empty... which sucks. But I have needs... he has needs - and there isn't ever going to be a relationship (did I mention he is 5 years younger than me?)... so I take what I can.

But in the end I am glad I learned on thing...

You can learn to like sex again. I mean really like it.

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