I Choose...

by - Saturday, October 18, 2008

Brandy has done a couple of renditions of I Choose... here and here... and here is mine...

Saturdays over Sundays
Greys over Private Practice
sweatshirts over sweaters
Gerber daisies over roses
hockey over any other sport
twitter over IM
silence over noise
Amazing Race over Survivor
Obama over McCain
chocolate over vanilla
House over ER
Josh Hartnett over Josh Duhamel
Coke over Pepsi
Old Navy over the Gap
imports over domestics
cold over hot
Nora Roberts over Danielle Steel
lip gloss over lipstick
fruity smells over flowery smells
jeans over dresses
London, England over London, Ontario
tea over coffee
Google Reader over Blogger 'Reading List'
contacts over glasses
no-name tomato soup over Campbells
happiness over complacency

What do you choose?

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