Take That Mr. Harper...

by - Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I survived... the retinal scan... fingerprinting... the accusatory comments of "are you sure you live there?"... and I managed to avoid peeing into a cup to gather my DNA...

I voted.

I honestly made my decision as I opened my ballot...

And I took a stand.

Screw you Mr. Harper. You are probably going to win anyways but I always did go for the underdogs. Hence why I am also a Canucks fan.

Oh... and yes... I am pretty sure I know where I live better than you Mr. Not-So-Nice Elections Canada Man... I suggest that you take your pen and shove it up your ass.

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  1. i, too, stuck it to mr. harper ... but i basically made up my mind when i had the pencil in my hand. i wish i felt like my vote made a difference ... but i m sure that we will wake up tomorrow with a conservative minority government ... and more of the same for a couple of more years.

  2. Wow, I also specifically voted NOT for Harper. And I also had a "*sigh* this isn't your address? We have to complete a change of address form... *sigh*"

    What's it to ya lady, you have something else to be doing?

  3. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I hope I don't get attacked for asking this question, but I'm just wondering what it is about the Conservatives that many people seem to hate? What makes the other parties better choices?

    I know those are pretty big questions... but I'd love to have some some insight into it. :)

  4. why not the conservatives...
    well I can tell you one reason for me is my gut... I just have this gut feeling that I can't trust Harper - and I don't know where that comes from and I don't know that that should brand the entire party but because they choose him to be there leader I brand the lot of them... what else - well there stance on some things turns me off - disliking and making it more difficult for non white Canadians sucks, not appreciating art and how that connects to livable sustainable communities sucks, not appreciating gay and lesbian people - because they are people to and they pay taxes too and does it really matter how they like the bedroom stuff... I'll tell you this - a light came on for me when I was having a discussion with a friend of mine - she said to me she didn't understand why people didn't like the liberals - why was it such a big deal that we couldn't clearly understand Dion - she doesn't speak english that well herself - it doesn't mean she is stupid or incapable - and neither was Dion - I think that struck a cord with me and made me wonder two things... why do a lot of people think that way - that because a person doesn't speak English they can't do a good job... why does English trump everything else... and why Dion didn't go harder after the immigrant vote - appeal to the new people of Canada who will definitely shape the way our country moves forward. The third/fourth generation canadians are simply not having babies like they use to and we are running out of bodies to do the work we need done and it won't be long before there are more new Canadians from all parts of the world then the ones who've been based here for three or four generations. I'd be interested to know of the 58% of Canadians who did head to the polls how many were new canadians - how many respect that the right to vote is something women, and minority people fought and died for.... ok - so probably way more than you wanted.... i will now digress and go get a tea...

  5. I think the biggest thing for me is that which April talks of - trust (and honestly for me that goes for all the parties). It isn't that I don't believe in a lot of the issues that the Conservatives support... I do... but I also hate that my vote never seems to count because I live in a sea of Conservative blue... and I believe that there needs to be an opposition to keep those in power accountable the best they can.

    I wish I could just get behind someone and really vote for them because I wanted to... not because I made my mind up as I stood behind the cardboard partition.

    I so wanted to have a write-in of Obama on my ballot. Now... that guy has me listening moreso than any Canadian politician.

    And there is no attacking on my blog... unless it is me doing it :) Healthy discussion is always appreciated!

  6. I stuck it to him too!

    At least we're trying...right?

    I hate voter apathy