Screw You VANOC... Screw You

by - Saturday, November 08, 2008

Yeah... so I left entering the 2010 Olympics ticket lottery a little late (like the last day - two hours before the website closes kind of late).

I had a package picked out that included a curling preliminary game and more importantly a men's and a women's ice hockey game.

I even had a back-up package that pretty much included the same thing.

And then I find out that you can only pay by Visa.

I don't use Visa - they pissed me off so I switched to Mastercard. You don't piss me off and expect to keep my business. Just ask Swiss Chalet. And Sobey's. And the 7-11 that makes their slurpees to runny.

Which apparently is a big deal since Visa has paid VANOC probably a bazillion dollars to be a sponsor. And according to what I heard on the news today you are going to need that bazillion dollars because you severly underestimated your securty budget. By like a billion dollars.

You may want to change accounting firms. Cause a billion dollars is a whole lots of hot dogs and beer (do they even serve beer at the Olympics?).

So - to that I say - "Screw You VANOC". I will sit at home and watch everything for FREE*.

Yeah - free.

Screw you.

* That said if anyone has an extra ticket wants to invite me to an event (I will even pay face value for the ticket) I would probably be able to make it to Vancouver that week... I'm just saying that I wouldn't shoot a gift horse in the mouth or anything...

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  1. really curling?? Do we bring scrubbers with our country flag hung on them?

  2. Hey Carmen,
    I tried to get my request in the day before the deadline and couldn't get the checkout to work. Went back deadline day and thought it did work. Turns out I got an email today that it didn't work but they were giving me a second chance. I didn't even read the instructions for ordering...if I get all my requests I'm in the hole big time! If we get a package or 2 that we ordered I may have some curling tickets for ya'...but not the hockey...sorry.
    Heather (who's looking so forward to the Toronto game on Saturday...we have tickets...yipee skippee!)