A Photo Meme

by - Friday, November 07, 2008

I have seen this on a few blogs lately (sorry - I can't remember where or I would totally give you credit).

You go to your Pictures folder on your computer, pick the fourth folder within the main folder, and then the fourth photo. Post and explain the picture.

Here you go (thank god this is the picture that came up - there are others that I could have had some explaining to do!).
Here is Calgary. At night. I think this is about March of this year as I was taking my photography course. The picture was taken from the SAIT parking lot at sundown - I was practicing with how lighting was affecting the shot.

I live in a very pretty city. And I am very happy with my photography skills that night. I wish I kept it up - I don't even know if I could properly work my Canon Rebel anymore. Such a shame.

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  1. Disclaimer. Long comment. My boy and I have two computers. One new desktop that we just bought and a laptop that was his in college (so it's about five years old. He's young. I think I mentioned that). Anyway, I always use the laptop. So, I saw your blog, went into the fourth photo folder, which is ancient because he's had this forever. Fourth photo was of him and the ex. I tried to figure out how to write that post, but never came to a good conclusion. Would have been funny though. Kind of.

  2. Well I was just over at Just a Girls (JAG) when I read your comment and had to come see for my self, Could it be true? two JAG's?

    Well I don't see any pink (JAG always has pink) But I guess there are a thing or 2 you have in common, she gets Ideas from other blogs....never mine but others...lol

    Nice to meet you stop by ans read a blog or 2 or 3 if you have the time.

  3. I'm jealous of your Canon Rebel. I asked for one one year (or even a GC towards one) and my parents laughed at me.

    I like that picture you took, great angle!