Driving Miss Crazy...

by - Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My drive home from work yesterday... a short tale (in bullet points)...

- screamed from my car to the lady in front of me "Will you hurry the fuck up before hell freezes over"... realizing at that moment that hell probably was frozen because it is soooo damn cold outside (-30C without the windchill, -45C with the windchill)...

- watched a guy scrape the inside of his car windows with his scraper at a stoplight... perhaps he should have done that before he started driving?

- I now realize what it would be like to drive on the moon with all of the craters that are on the sidestreets because they haven't plowed our 'tertiary' streets in two snowfalls. Why the hell do I pay taxes? And what is the number for NASA... because I could so drive one of those lunar vehicles now...

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  1. You mentioned "the holiday" - the Queen Latifah movie or that the Cameron Diaz one... I'm just curious - I haven't seen the Cameron Diaz one and I LOVE the Queen Latifah one... it helps that LL Cool J is easy on the eyes...

    Driving isn't great here either - I'll post a note about my driving problems today, tonight...

  2. it would probably be wrong to tell you that it was +10c here in halifax yesterday ... so i won't. ;)

    of course, we have another snow storm on the way tomorrow ... but give me snow over blood-freezing temperatures any day!

  3. Anonymous4:45 PM

    ewwwwww. -45. that is disgusting.

    and my freakin' car cannot handle winter. i feel for the man scraping the inside of his car windows. i have to do that if the temperature drops below freezing. it. fucking. sucks.

  4. Scraping the inside, of the car windows? Oh wow, I may need to rethink this moving to Canada idea!

  5. It's so freaking cold here right now. Projected high for Thursday??

    MINUS 27 DEGREES...that's the HIGH

    It took 2 hours to get from downtown to Bridgeland on Friday. Seriously, it's a 7 minutes bus ride.

  6. Did you say something about minus degrees? That makes my brain hurt.

  7. I know, its been freakishly cold here. Today it was 68 degrees and I had to put on a coat over my short sleeve shirt. Thank you Atlantic Gulf Stream.