I Didn't Want to Jinx It...

by - Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So I have been kinda conversing with a new boy... and last night was the big "first date". I haven't really wanted to mention it because... well, I didn't want to jinx it.

I think one of my co-workers was more excited about said date than I was... and when I didn't answer my phone this morning I got this e-mail from her... to which I will allow you all to enjoy (including my answers... which are not as funny as her questions - I especially like #10 the best - but I thought it would be mean to leave that part out)...

Here is the e-mail in its entirety:

You aren't answering your phone...........is it because you had a late night and aren't at work yet??

Please answer the following questions:

1. What did he wear?
Jeans and a casual button up shirt over a t-shirt... leather jacket

2. Did he pay?
Yup - for coffee and the movie

3. Was he hot?
Cute... not hot... definitely doable though

4. Was he weird?

5. Was it awkward?
Not at all...

6. did he talk too much?

7. did you guys book another date together?
Not booked, but he is going to call me tonight (or so I hope anyways)

8. Did he spend the night?
Sadly, no.

9. Did you spend the night?
please see above question

10. were his pants too short?
No... which honestly I was a little worried about... I mean - he is 6'5" and all!

11. Was his shirt too tight?

12. Did he look into your eyes when he spoke to you, or did his eyes wonder?
Eyes... which was a very nice change. Usually guys are talking to the girls...

13. what movie did you guys see?
Gran Torino... which was awesome and I almost cried...

14. Did he give you a hug good night?

That's all for now....

Yup... that is my friends for you... worrying that the boys pants are too short!

And... I highly recommend Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood. I will warn you now... it is full of racial slurs (that totally work with the movie - you know how sometimes it is like they throw that shit in just for the fun of it... but here it makes sense... although slightly shocking at times)... and I *may* have almost cried at the end... but since I was on a first date and all I sucked it up and just managed to get by not talking because I had that feeling in my throat that if I knew I spoke I would probably start to cry the ugly tears.

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  1. My ex is 6'5.. that was one TALL dude, haha.

  2. I also dated a guy who was 6'5 - and at 5'4 that's TALL!!!

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    6'5. Wowza. Definitely tall. Props to him for finding appropriately lengthed (I don't think that is a word..) pants.

    (I just googled lengthed. Not a real word, but people tend to use it a lot. I think that makes me safe).

    Anyway. Glad the date with the cute, tall, eye-looking, hugging, non-awkward baller went well.

    He'll call. You're a babe.

  4. Love the answers too!

    I am 5'2 and the tallest guy I ever dated was 6'8". When I waslked next to him, I was looking at his elbow.

    Anyway--glad he's able to find pants. And shirts. :)

  5. fun! Date! Date! I'm with ashley...I had a 65 at 54 but he was tall, but not eveyrthing was tall if you catch my drift. What a misconception!

    All important questions, I'm glad someone asked them!

  6. that sounds like an email that one of my friends would send me post-date ... speaking of which, i really need to start dating again ... if for no other reason than excellent blog fodder.

  7. Oh I really want to see that movie! 6'5" is REALLY tall...I like tall guys and you, as a tall girl probably thoroughly enjoyed him being way taller, am I right?

    I hope he called *crosses fingers*