A Whole New Level of Patheticness

by - Saturday, January 10, 2009

Picture it... Calgary... January 10, 2009...

(You have to say that like Sophia Petrillo saying "Picture it... Sicily... 1934..." - and if you are too young to appreciate the Golden Girls I highly suggest watching it... those old ladies are freaking hilarious!)

The day I reach a whole new level of patheticness...

It is no secret that I want a Wii Fit. Yes - it is partially because all the cool people have one... and partially because I want to see my Wii Fit age... I would say the split is about 60/40 on that one.

Zellers (for those of you in the states, imagine you dingiest Kmart and multiply it by about a bazillion... that is Zellers for you) put in their flyer a Wii/Wii Fit combo. I have the Wii already, but I am prepared to buy it and sell it on craigslist or kijiji or eBay*... just for the freaking Wii Fit.

Now for the pathetic part...

It is Saturday... at 7:30... in the morning. And I am up. Perhaps it is because I had the worst sleep in the world... perhaps it is because the picture of that Wii Fit in the Zellers flyer was calling my name (I may or may not have researched the fact that every single freaking Zellers in Calgary opens at 8:00 on Saturday mornings...).

So... I do the unthinkable. I get up. I don't shower. I throw on last nights jeans and a hoodie... and you guessed it... I head to Zellers. Luckily there is one pretty much within spitting distance of my place.

And I am not the only one. There are other retards** that slowly pull into the parking lot at 7:50 am. I for one, am not losing out on this Wii Fit... so I actually go and stand inside the entryway (where this odd video game yelled at us every two minutes) until the doors opened.

8:00 rolls around... I won't even go into the fact that there is a HOT guy beside me and I am unshowered and wearing yesterdays clothes off the floor...

And it is like "St. Elmo's Fire" starts playing on the sound system in the store. The doors open and we all, in slow motion, make our way to the electronics area.

You see people - the ad say "minimum 10 per store".

I dodge through the lingerie section in an effort to save time. The walkways are beneath me people... I am all about taking the road less travelled.

I get to the electronics section... hoping to see a mountain of Wii/Wii Fit combos... kind of like finding the fountain of youth...

But alas...

I get a freaking rain check.

Yup - I am pathetic, not to mention dirty (we won`t even go into what my hair looks like in the morning... imagine oil slick and you have a good idea) and wearing clothes off the floor... and all I get is a freaking rain check.

But at least I got the first one... if that is any consolation.

Yup... that is a whole new level of patheticness.

It is now 8:23... and I am going back to bed.

*If anyone in blogland needs a Wii, let me know... I can hook you up for what I paid (plus the cost of shipping of course)... face it - all the cool people have Wii's (I just keep telling myself that)!
**I can say that because I was one of them.

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  1. I wish I could get a Wii... I want one so so so badly! Unfortunately the whole under-employment business means I should not get one...

  2. Anonymous5:19 PM

    It is actually January 10, 2009 not 2008. Guess you weren't awake when you typed that!!!! That's pretty pathetic Carm.

  3. I am blaming the fact that my hair was greasy for the wrong year... that and the fact that it was too freaking early to be at Zellers!

  4. I SOOOO want a wii so I can get the wii fit board. Congrats on getting a rain check because you're one step closer than I ever got!

  5. I seem to recall a similar routine to get hockey tickets many years ago... :)

  6. Think of me for your wii!

    (I made a song)

  7. Oh yeah, and I love sophia.

  8. What would you want for the Wii? Sorry to hear all the trouble you went through for a stupid raincheck though!!

  9. hmmm....i can see doing that for something i really dug.

    like, if they made a new tivo. that spoke. holey crap! imagine that!

  10. Anonymous5:44 PM

    picture it.. vancouver.. december 25th, 2008..

    the day i reach a whole new level of patheticness..


    my mom beat me at wii boxing, 2053170 matches in a row.

    and my wii fit age was like, 93.

    (really, it was 65, but 93 is practically less embarrassing..)

  11. Dang it! Now I have St Elmo's Fire stuck in my head.

    I almost bought a Wii at costco, but they're so expensive!