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by - Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well... since I bored you all with 101 Things About Me not too long ago, it seems rather pushy of myself to force you to read yet another 25 things, but since everyone else is doing it (on blogs and in freaking facebook - I can't hide any longer!), I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and enlighten you all with 25 more things about me...

1. I currently subscribe to 232 blogs in Google Reader. I have them categorized into three areas... My Blogging Peeps, Stamping Blogs and Top Stampers. The stamping blogs are from the days where I crafted my little heart out, and are the most likely (make that the only ones) to be "marked as read". Those stampers are busy little posters and I just can't keep up anymore. My Blogging Peeps need my attention so much more!

2. I don't separate my laundry and I think that really bothers my mom. I just don't think my three white shirts deserve a whole load to themselves when I have to pay $4.00 for a load of laundry.

3. I get my eyebrows waxed and tinted every four weeks, like clockwork. I only wish I could count on my period to be as predictable (not that I have any worry about being pregnant lately... I would need to add another person to the equation for that to happen...).

4. I just about punched my Wii Fit trainer last night when he commented that I had gained weight and had not been working out for over a week. Good thing I remembered that punching a TV would hurt me more than the animated trainer guy.

5. I like being by myself, but sometime I think that I will go crazy if I don't find a boyfriend soon... I hear eHarmony is having a free contact weekend... and I may just have to spend my Valentine's Day online. Oh happy day.

6. I still haven't gotten the damage deposit ($1100.00!!!!) back from the apartment that I moved out of in July. I am supremely pissed at this point.

7. When I moved to Alberta I inherited and extra day-and-a-half off (with pay!)... here we get Family Day (which is this Monday) and in July I get to take a half-day off to sleep in enjoy the Calgary Stampede parade.

8. is my second favorite number.

9. Although I don't have a boyfriend, I have already picked out my next wedding band... it will either be a tension set band or a claddagh band - you can find out more about how they work here. I don't want an engagement band this time around... perhaps I should put that on my online dating profiles - "Save money, date Carmen - she doesn't want an engagement ring"...

10. The last time my blood pressure was taken it was a perfect 120/80.

11. I maybe kinda have a tiny crush on a fellow blogger... who I have never met in real life and am pretty much 100% sure I never will...

12. I really want Booth and Brennan together on Bones. The sexual tension is killing me.

13. My last name has an apostrophe in it. It really bothers me when I go to sign up for stuff online and it tells me that my name has an illegal character in it. I think all Irish people should just gang up on the internet for this reason. We could throw potatoes at it or something.

14. Men in uniforms do nothing for me (perhaps it is because my ex is a cop)... however - men with accents make my girl bits squeal!

15. I was kicked out of intramural floor hockey in university - then went on to spend two years refereeing all the remaining jackasses. They knew I meant business though since I was kicked out for fighting, and perhaps checking a girl into the wall (which may have resulted in her needing knee surgery). I meant the fight... not the knee injury.

16. is still my favorite number. I {heart} Trevor Linden.

17. I watched an Oprah episode on spirituality. While I do not participate in organized religion (for many reasons), I think I can get on the spirituality bandwagon. To me it is all the good parts of religion, and I don't have to go to church.

18. While my TV is constantly on when I am home, I very rarely sit and watch a show from start to finish. Hence the reason why I never know what the hell is going on at the end of a show in which missing 10 minutes affects the plot. Right now I have no idea what the hell is going on during this episode of CSI because I am concentrating too hard on this blog post.

19. My first real job was a page at the library... my main job was to put the books back on the shelves - often in the wrong spots because I was lazy. I still know approximately where to find fiction books via the dewey decimal system.

20. My knowledge gained during three years of stacking books using the dewey decimal system was of sweet fuck-all use when I hit university because they use a different system there. Apparently Mr. Dewey isn't cool enough for university libraries. I never took out a book the entire time I was in university and I blame that on the Library of Congress system.

21. I am anal about my blog posts and often go back days later to correct spelling/grammar errors. I hate it when a post makes it to Google Reader with a mistake in it.

22. I graduated university without ever taking an English class. I took a course in introductory sciences instead, even though I took Chemistry, Physics, Math and Calculus in grade 12. I didn't do very well in the class, but at least I didn't have to take English.

23. As Valentine's Day (VD) approaches (yes... it is like a disease), and after reading a post I found on the BlogHer network, I am reminded that I never, not once, received a candy gram or a carnation from anyone at school for VD. It's pathetic that all those guys passed up on me... especially since they are still in the same small town with their small town wives and their oodles of small town children. Ha - the last laugh is on me!

24. I have succumbed to the Twilight series. If you had told me before I started reading the books that there were werewolves in addition to the vampires, I never would have started reading them.

25. I own all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls on DVD. Yeah... I know... please don't hold it against me.

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  1. my first job was a page in my town's library ... i loved it, and to this day i think that i should have been a librarian ... a sexy librarian, but a librarian nonetheless. i loved the books and the order and looking for information ... i am a nerd.

    i also agree with you on the spirituality vs. religion thing ... stay tuned for a blog post on that very subject and how it relates to internet dating in the very near future!

  2. I don't separate my laundry either, and my Mom HATES it!

  3. I want Booth and Brennan to get together too! And my then-boyfriend gave me a claddagh ring before we got married as well.

    Loved your list, very interesting!

  4. I'm totally your blogger crush, aren't I? ;)

    Also: Trevor Linden is heaven, you can't miss a single minute of CSI - especially the beginning - and ever expect to know what is going on, and I'm super jealous of your Wii Fit.

  5. Number 21 has a grammar error in it. Oh the irony.

  6. Damn you Rea... I have now changed it... arg...