Battle of the Buses...

by - Thursday, March 26, 2009

The City of Calgary is having a bit of a "Battle of the Buses" (that is totally my wording - I don't think it is a battle in the least - I just liked how that sounded)... while I don't believe in God (please don't hold it against me... trust me - I am a great person, even without religion in my life)... I find that if anything, these buses will make people think... and it may invoke some good discussions. If I had to choose a bus I would go with the "There's Probably No God"... but only if it were going where I wanted it to. I suppose I could sit on a "God Exists" bus if it were heading in my direction... but only if it were the most direct route.

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  1. we had the same battle in halifax ... but it was the transit authority refusing to put the ads on the buses. i think they were thought provoking and i was in no way offended, but this is a province that didn't have sunday shopping until a couple of years ago.

  2. I might avoid the God bus. Just seems to be tempting lighting, is all. (er, me being on a god bus - not the bus itself.)

  3. this for real???? Those ads are funny!!!