They Tell Me Good Things Come in 3's...

by - Monday, March 23, 2009

1. My little work issue from last week has been resolved... thank freaking gahd. I totally lost sleep over this issue this weekend, and now I figure I can get on with life. You see, in my job - rarely do I make mistakes that would effect (affect?) only me. It is the nature of the beast, and I am actually very happy that I rarely make mistakes to begin with, but this one could have been a doozy. I am now knocking on every available piece of wood in a 10 foot vicinity so that I continue not to make mistakes.

2. The claims adjustor came and saw the damage to my car today, and unlike the nasty cop from last week, agreed with me that I had been a victim of a hit and run. He also said that the damage was "vandalism" so my deductible is only $250.00 (rather than the possible $500, and waaaay better than the $1300 estimate for the damage to my car). Yay for me! And piss on the big meanie cop (who, in all honesty, if I hadn't actually seen the man, I would have assumed I was dealing with my ex-husband by the writing on the police report) who basically accused me of doing the damage myself... I think not!

3. I am still waiting for the third good thing... I am kind of hoping it involves the boy texting me back - I haven't heard from him since noon yesterday, and although it did take him OVER A WEEK to get back to me the first time, I would like to arrange a get together (notice I didn't use the word date? "Get together" sounds far less intimidating... oh, who the hell am I kidding?).

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  1. sounds like it is time to by a lotto ticket :)

    (funny word ver. for tonight... mandined... too funny... is that like the extended version of BJ... ok - I took it over the top... but really that is what popped into my head)