My Curling Weekend in Review...

by - Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sorry about the curling post people, but seriously - other than work that is what I will be doing for a week. Here is my weekend recap...

- I have sold more 50/50 tickets than anyone else. And unlike when selling tickets for the Calgary Flames, we are encouraged to stay and watch. Take that Flames! Fire code my ass.
- Curling fans wear dumb hats. There were three boys with moose antlers yesterday... I think they were cheering for Newfoundland/Labrador. There are curling sponge hats (imagine the cheese heads of Green Bay - but with curling rocks). There are a number of yellow rain hats, and Scottish tartan hats with pom poms on the top (I thought that was a golfing thing???).
- Curling fans have dumb cheers. Like "Onnnnttttaaaariiiooooo" and "Allllbbeeerrtttaaa". Boring!
- There is one old man that is cheering for Ontario that runs around with a flag (ala the Stampeder on a horse at the Stamps CFL games). This man is probably going to have a heart attack or give himself a hernia running up and down the stairs because he is damn old. But people love him.
- I talked strategy with the Northern Ontario fifth today. He is cute, and caught on very quickly that everything I know about curling I learned from Vic, Ray and Linda (the TSN commentators). He appeased me anyways and talked to me for a couple of ends.
- I am pretty sure that one of the Team Nova Scotia boys is hot on me. How do I know this you may ask? Well, it is the kindergarten test - every time I look at him he just about gives himself whiplash looking the other way. Today I got a smile out of him.
- I also got a smile from Russ Howard, the skip from team New Brunswick, and 2006 Olympic gold medalist. If he weren't so old I would have swooned. Okay... maybe I swooned anyways. Because I am a curling geek.
- I am still in love with John Morris from Team Alberta. He is hot.
- Curlers are abnormally flexible. Take an NHL goalies flexibility and multiply it by... lots. One guy from Team Ontario had his foot behind his head. I thought only hookers could stretch like that.
- I have been on TSN more times than I can count (including the time I was putting on chapstick - oh so very sexy) in the past two days. I hate though that my hair looks red. Or at least it does on the jumbo tron at the arena. I hope it looks blonde on regular TV because I pay a lot of money for blonde hair.
- I think I have a date at the end of the Brier. Seems that one of the guys that works in the Club seats has taken a liking to me. Who woulda thought? This volunteering thing seems to work for me.

I am now going to have a hot bath, since my legs feel like jello after walking the stairs of the Saddledome a bazillion times this weekend. Only seven days of stairs to go. Bring on the buns of steel!

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  1. maybe you have come on to a money making idea... maybe you need to start a website that links of singles to volunteer opportunities - they get matched up on compatibility traits - that also match them to volunteer opportunities... million dollar idea baby - you'll help all the singles and all the volunteer organizations

  2. ummmmmmmmmmm at the risk of sounding like an ass, what is curling? I'm thinking hair curlers, then i thought maybe weights?

  3. I'm with Fizzgig. But I'll root for anything that gives me buns o' steel. Woot!

  4. Ahhh, I totally didn't know I should have been watching for you!!! Drat!

    Do you know how exciting that would have been if I had been watching the curling and suddenly saw you on my TV? I would have screamed and clapped my hands while yelling CARM and probably scared the crap out of Malcolm.