Boys... Who Needs 'Em?

by - Thursday, March 05, 2009

I am now into week two of my hiatus from online dating*. Except for eHarmony that is. I freaking caved to a three month membership - and since I paid for it, and they e-mail me my matches, I log on once a day to either send first communication or close matches.

I am feeling rather liberated by not being attached to online dating at the hip. It wasn't getting me anywhere but frustrated, and I was getting tired of old men checking me out and adding me to their favorites lists.

What have I been doing with my spare time? I have been working out every evening, cooking myself healthier dinners and hanging out with friends. And doing laundry - like the whole process - you know where you actually fold and put away the clothes after you wash them?

I can't believe I was neglecting my clothes folding due to online dating. My friend Jenny will be very upset to know that in addition to my lack of folding laundry, my ironing pile is out of control.

And I also haven't worried why "he" hasn't e-mailed me back, or reciprocated my smile, or dealt with any other of the many insecurities that online dating brings out in me... which is rather liberating.

Thankfully for the rest of the world, not so liberating that I have stopped wearing a bra, started burning flags or anything crazy like that, but liberating none the less.

That said, if a hottie came my way and swept me off my feet, I probably wouldn't tell him no.

* My tweet last week was "If I even attempt to log into an online dating site for the next - say 14 days... can somebody please come by and smack me? Thnx in advance."
** I think I have set a record for the number of times a form of the word liberation is used in one blog post. Yay me!

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  1. I've been getting alot of pressure thrown my way to start online dating...

    but if I did that I would have to cut back on drinking because of time constraints...

    and that I am not willing to do

  2. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Ok, so I am reading your blog and thinking of something to say about your comment about your ironing getting out of control (which by the way, is unnacceptable. you should be ironing at least once a week so as to keep on top of things!) ... so I am reading and thinking and then I see the comment about not wearing a bra and I am like - WTF! Then I re-read and see that it is not you who is not wearing a bra - I feel better and no longer feel the need to phone and ask what you are smoking ... or in the case of your latest Tweet - licking in your office to make you feel like everything tastes like soap. Simply put, bra + Carmen = good thing :-)

  3. My word verification is hero.

    Well, herol.

    But I think word ver is trying to say that you rock.

  4. this weekend my dad said that the people who got matched on the internet (ie. the eharmony commercial) looked happy ... and that i should give it a try. i had to break it to him that they are actors.