Operation "Brier Date"... a Story of Hope...

by - Sunday, March 15, 2009

If you have been following me for the past week, you know I have been volunteering my ass off at the Canadian Men's Curling Championships - also known as the Tim Horton's Brier...

I have had a freaking amazing time (and yes, I actually like curling, so that helps). The other volunteers have been great, and really - if there were any money to be made in it I would sell 50/50 tickets for a living.

You see? I have all of the small talk down pat. You would be hard-pressed to know that I am kind of a shy person when it comes to those $2 tickets. I can sweet-talk the old men (I may be known to give out the odd hug), I can outwit the younger people, I can dazzle grandmas with my mathematical abilities, and I can talk $20 out of just about any drunk person coming from "The Patch"*.

I have been selling about $800 worth of tickets a night - which means I am contributing to a good 5-7% of revenue on average... considering there are usually 40 of us, I am doing more than my share.

Which means that I have time to focus on my other task at hand. And for that task I gave myself two choices... either make out with the guy from Team NS (since I knew dating him is totally out of the question), or get a date with a guy that I had been flirting with since day one that works at the Saddledome.

You see, volunteering for me is so much more than selling 50/50 tickets. It is about meeting people. And as cool as the rest of the volunteers are, I am young enough to be the majority of theirs granddaughter. So it isn't like I am going to be 'hanging' with these people after the event.

Well, unfortunately I didn't score with Mr. Nova Scotia (who may I say is even finer in his civvies than he is in curling gear... now that his team is out of it, when I have the fortune of seeing him in his regular clothes)... I think I managed the date.

And I almost fucked that up.


I must have fumbled giving him my number so many times he probably thought I was faking it and making up something. I am such a retard sometimes... I think I am going to get that baby tattooed on my freaking arm for future reference. That being said, I mean - how many times do I actually call myself?? Like never.

So, after all that... I am certain he has my number, since I have gotten a text... but unfortunately I haven't gotten a reply to the one I sent, so we will see if this actually pans out into anything.

Trust me, you all will be the first to know.

* This is the beer garden. Although if they knew I called it a beer garden they'd probably stone me with curling rocks... but basically it is an upscale beer garden - really only because it is inside and isn't surrounded by that orange fencing many people are used to.
** I am going out on a limb here and post this even though I may get in trouble... my phrase "This is a beer garden" has been picked up by the plagiarism checker... so I may get in trouble. And no, I can't quite let the accusations go yet. I am still thinking of changing my other post back to the original words. Heh.

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  1. being in nova scotia, i am now intrigued by the cute boy on the ns team ... i may have to become a rock bunny, too. :)

  2. Would it be wrong for me to root for getting the date *and* knocking boots with the curler?

    I've kept my eyes peeled for you as we've been watching. I want to see you snogging someone on the big screen.

  3. Carmen - I am so sorry about the plagiarism accusations, that totally sucks (I am a little slow in my condolences). I am with Jenn...nothing wrong with a pash and a date :)

    and good on you for volunteering.