Once a Cheater?

by - Monday, June 01, 2009

I am just trying to see what people's opinions on the matter are... and no - I still think the guy is an ass...

Oh... and my horoscope today??
No matter how fine something or someone appears now, there are practical reasons why you cannot just charge ahead toward what you want. Fortunately, your willingness to wait for satisfaction serves you well now. Being in a hurry would probably just mess things up, but taking small steps, one after another, should reliably help you to reach your goal.

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  1. My hubby was a cheater before we got together. But we've had no issues at all. So, yes, people can change. : )

  2. Depends on the kind of cheating going on. I know of people who are in a relationship that is completely over in so many ways but something just happened (a grandmother died) and it isn't the right time to end things or the cheating confirms for the person that they need to get out of the relationship. Etc.

    But being deceptive and trying to hide things for a period of time, not owning up to what is going on, being flippant with people's feelings - that is a pretty harsh comment on someone's approach to life and other people. Doesn't sound good to me.

  3. I think you need to let it go dude...

    Granted he is an ass, but why let him consume so much energy from you?

  4. And yes, once a cheater, always a cheater.

    Cheating involves lying (to your significant other, and yourself). Once you are outed for being a liar, you can never take it back.

  5. Sheila10:12 PM

    Just a few words. Let him go and don't waste anymore engery on this guy. I know it hurts and will for a while. But there are better fish in the ocean and the right one for you will come along. You deserve better and honesty is number 1. You've been down that road already. Love ya

  6. I cheated once. I was miserable and he was cheating on me. I've since learned to get out of crappy relationships. Therefore, no cheating.

    I never had the desire to ever do it again. I don't think I would either. I think once a cheater applies to the person. if i cheat on a guy, im likely to cheat on him again, cus obviously I got away with it if hes still with me.

    But, I wouldn't cheat on my current guy.

  7. YES ALWAYS A CHEATER. always. I like to take it even a step further and say maybe he wont always be a cheater in his life, but if he always cheated with you he will always cheat. trust me i did this path for 4 years. wont make that dumb ass mistake again.