What CAN'T I miss in the UK??

by - Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well... I went to Roots, and actually ended up with a slightly smaller bag.  The one I pictured in my last post just felt too big to tote around... I didn't want something that big hanging off me all the time. So I went with the smaller Village bag instead.  Still room for my camera, wallet, and some miscellaneous things - and really, I have a daypack so this is more of an evening bag anyways.

In other travel news, I've booked all my hostels, and day tours to the Cliffs of Moher (western Ireland), the Giants Causeway (northern tip of Northern Ireland), and the Scottish Highlands (including Loch Ness)... I am still perhaps looking for something to do for a day away from Glasgow... but most of the tours are ones that I could do from Edinburgh, so I am not sure.

If anyone has spent time in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and wants to let me know of some "not to miss" places, let me know - I have a couple of days in each Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow and Edinburgh (and an evening in Frankfurt, if I choose to leave the airport) to play with.

Hmmm... if I leave the airport in Frankfurt, will I get a German stamp in my passport? Stupid EU means I hardly get stamps anymore.

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  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    That's the same bag that I have. It is a really good size!

    Cliffs of Moher are really pretty! I spent about 10 days in Ireland myself. If you have some time while you are there, go north a tiny bit to Galaway. Really pretty town! There is a fish and chips place there that is amazing, all the fish is fresh and mostly local. A girl and I forgot we were veggies for the time being to try it.

    Or got to Howth, north of Dublin, I used the trains to get there. You can feed to wild seals off the fishing dock, and there is a tiny ice cream store there too that is pretty good.

    I have a thousand other places I would suggest to you too. Like the old jail in Wicklow...

  2. I lived in London for 4 years, but Ireland and Scotland were my favourite places to visit! Here are some ideas:

    Dublin: Trinity College and museum to see the Book of Kells and Star Wars long library, Guinness factory, any pub with live music

    Belfast: bus/black cab tour to see the history

    Edinburgh: Royal Museum, castle, taste haggis and Edinburgh Rock candy, any pub with live music

    The cities are nice, but it's the countryside that makes the trip awesome. Make sure you get out into the country, climb the hills, walk the coastline, and talk to the people. The people are super friendly!!!