An Ode to the New Babies in my World...

by - Monday, July 05, 2010

So, apparently it was a good idea NOT to drink the water about nine months ago if you are friends with me... cause look what happens!

May 8 - Abbigail Isabella

May 23 - Gryffin Folland
June 10 - Svea Johanna
June 28 - Owen Gabriel
July 1 - Jett Singh
July 2 - Allie Elizabeth
July 3 - Andrew Christopher
All babies, mommies and daddies are doing great! Welcome to the world little ones (there are actually a couple missing - one work acquaintance and a couple of Facebook friends that I'm not super close with - crazy - and there are more on the way!!)!

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  1. Holy babies! They are all so adorable. Congratulations to the momma and papas :)

  2. yikes!!! thats alot of babies!

    although they are all so adorable, im so glad i wasn't anywhere near you 9 months ago! haha

  3. wow thats a lotta babies! i would divide them up amongst friends.

    jussssst kidding.