Bullet Points...

by - Wednesday, November 10, 2010

- I wonder why the heck I'm collecting iCoke points when I don't even really know what you can get with them.
- today is my last day of work this week. Long live four day weekends.
- I'll probably be spending all day Friday by myself with the manfriend's spawn. Hold me.
- snow is coming. It's inevitable. This fact makes me sad.
- my Tupperware 'party' made a grand total of $200. Which probably means I'll get about $25 in free stuff. Which in Tupperware world equates to perhaps a lid... but not the container.
- my PVR screwed up and didn't record House last night. I became more upset than one should about this.
- my cell phone provider is still sucking ass. It's one of the towers by work that's causing the issues - no service (even though it says I have four bars and 3G service) during most of the day. My only consolation is that my bill will be credited from October 13 until the damn service gets fixed (it's not just me... others at work are having the same issue, so I know I'm not going crazy)
- remember my rant about not getting a raincheck for Diet Coke a couple of weeks ago because of "the policy"? Guess who has a raincheck in hand, and a boatload of "free" Shoppers Optimum points (which to me are much like iCoke points... what the hell do I use them for?)? Yup... that'd be me! Score one for the little guys!

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  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Shoppers Optimum points are my favourite thing! I save mine up and then get expensive make-up or perfume with them FOR FREE!

  2. Global (it took me five tries to type that) has House on their website.

    Who loves ya?