He Was Supposed to Wait!

by - Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sheesh Prince William... I thought you were stringing on Kate Middleton cause you were secretly pining for me.

I am a British citizen afterall.  And I don't wear dumb hats.

But... I am happy that he gave Kate his mom's (Princess Diana for all of you that live in a hole) engagement ring.  When I was just a wee one I was kind of obsessed with the Royal family (I have scrapbooks my Nannie sent me as proof), and I've always thought that Diana's ring was beautiful.

I think I'll plan to stay up and watch the wedding. Just like my mom did for Diana and Charles' wedding (well... I believe she was in the throws of labour with my brother, but she watched it none the less).

I bet Kate's dress is going to be gorgeous.

I guess now I have to pin all my hopes on Trevor Linden leaving his wife for me now... or Prince Harry. Who knew he's turn out so cute?

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  1. I sorta think Harry's the cuter one anyway... Good luck! ;)

  2. hmmmm i dunno. being a royal seems like way too much work to me. I mean take a normal relationship and all that takes to work and then amp that up by a zillion people thinking they know better than you.

    i couldnt do it. plus id be way too jealous!