Killing Them with Kindness

by - Friday, November 19, 2010

To all university students out there... please don't e-mail the President as your first resort when you fuck up and need someone to try and fix your stupid mistakes. Cause I'll do my best to make you look like an idiot when I reply to your e-mail. But, I will be polite about it.

I'm currently sitting in a meeting where a senior administrator just started spewing a bunch of shit proving that he doesn't actually talk to any of the people that deal with students on a day-to-day basis.

This pisses me off. I HATE that people with absolutely no practical knowledge of what goes on during my day seems to think that a survey of first year students (who at the time of the survey had no experience in dealing with the policy/procedure/hurdles of university life yet, so they answered questions for which they have no experience or insight into yet) can provide information on what programs he thinks are working and/or not. Ask people who've had to deal with the asinine policies after they've been here for a couple of years and still agree. It'll be hard to find ones that do.

Sorry for the choppiness of this post, but I'm writing it on my iPhone.

I'm now going to play Chuzzle. I mean listen to the speaker.

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  1. I thought of you this past week (well, I think of you often - usually to think "why don't we still work together? This is silly! I love working with C.") Anyhoo, I was at a meeting with all these people who *totally* understood the student experience. It was so weird. It was so productive!