Canada is Back Open...

by - Thursday, January 06, 2011

Our hearts are a little heavy, but hey - at least we gave up the gold medal to the biggest comeback in World Junior Hockey Championship history.

The team will be known for something!

And yes... I was upset and stunned.  But I don't agree with those on Twitter saying that they didn't deserve any medal based on their play (ummm... I guess they didn't see the trouncing of the USA two nights before that proves why they were in the gold medal game), and that they shouldn't be allowed to cry.

Really?  They just lost (albeit because of a total collapse) the GOLD medal game dammit. Hell - I was about to cry! 

These guys have the pressure of a nation on them.  Really - 4.5 million people tuned in to watch the Canada/USA game.  Really? That's about a fifth of the entire friggin' country.  Watching a bunch of kids play a game they love. And they lost.  They sure as hell deserve to cry.

And then... they did interviews.  I couldn't watch them. I don't take well to watching boys cry. But they did interviews after they lost. Cause they are Canadian and that's what Canadians do.

I did read on Twitter that as the Russian coach was finishing his interview at the podium, and the Canadian coach was coming up to do his, that he discretely took his gold medal off and put it in his pocket.  Very classy move, sir.

In the end, you can't win them all.  But you can sure pour your heart off trying.

And you can most definitely pour your heart out cheering.

Until next year boys, when you'll be playing for gold in my backyard.  And I sure as hell will be there every step of the way to cheer you on.

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