I'm not cut out for all-you-can-eat

by - Monday, August 13, 2012

Or for Las Vegas heat in the summer.

My hotel chain (otherwise known as Las Vegas conglomerate Caesar's Entertainment) had a deal - 24 hours of buffet for $44.99 ($49.99 without a free Total Rewards card).

So I made a plan. I figured with good timing I could fit in four buffets in 24 hours.

A late dinner buffet at Paris the first night before "O"... I hadn't eaten since about noon, so I ate prime rib and bacon and fancy cheese macaroni. Followed that up with a couple of creme brules and called it a night.

Woke up the next morning... breakfast at the Flamingo on my way to Target. Yes, when I'm in Vegas I take a bus to Target. Soon enough Canada will have Targets, but I'm sure the American one will always be better. Tried to not eat too much - ate a plateful of melon, and some eggs Benedict - why does my own hollandaise (out of a package) always taste better?

Lunch was at Harrah's - where you get GELATO! For reals! I honesty can't remember most of the rest of the meal, but I do remember walking out with a fresh waffle cone full of gelato! Oreo and chocolate!

Then dinner... again. Since I'd had a late dinner the night before, I was able to fit in an early dinner on the second night. I really didn't need dinner given that I'd already eaten my weight in food the previous 20 hours, but what the heck - I paid for it! So off to Planet Hollywood for dinner where I watched a guy eat 26 crabs legs. I cannot lie... I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn't - he was too close. I ate some more prime rib, had some more creme brule and called it a night.

In all... I ate too much, but the deal was good.  If you're going to buy one dinner buffet - it is worth buying this package and at least throwing in a lunch the next day - you'll save a bit of money.  If I'd paid for everything separately, I would've been in the hole $90.96 ($98.96 without the Total Rewards card).

Did I need four buffets in less than 24 hours? Did I really need to "save" $45.97? No.  But it was easy, the food was decent (although rather salty) and I got gelato.

That's a win in my books.

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