Blogging 101

by - Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So... I've been asked to teach a "Basics of Blogging" course by a Continuing Education department at a University.

I said yes.

I'm petrified.

I've never taught anything before (well, apart from what I teach every day in my job... but that's not a class!).

I've looked at the class list, and the participants range in age from 22 to 56.

I have no idea what their computer experience is.

Or what they want from the course.  The paragraph description of the course is so vague... so I'm not sure what parts of blogging should be emphasized over others.

But who can turn down $50+/hour?

Not this girl.

So, slowly (ever so slowly) I'm building up course content to impart my years of blogging knowledge on these unsuspecting individuals for twelve hours over the course of four nights.

Did I mention that I'll be paid $50+/hour?

Oh yeah, and I haven't even started teaching the course and I've already signed on to teaching it next semester as well.

$50+/hour. Petrified.

It's a good thing I'm really good at talking!  And making PowerPoint slides! And talking.  I'm really, really good at talking.

Hopefully it all works out.

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  1. 50 an hour? hell yea!!! go for it! you will rock it!!

  2. Hmm, 3hr classes at night. If you want to give me a shout to go over any tips - let me know. I'd suggest breaking it up into 3 sessions each night. Show them something and chat for 20-25min, then let them go off and try it, walk around and talk to them as they try things, come back to the front to discuss anything that you noticed. First hour done. Repeat two more times. First night done.

    And pictures on your slides. Lots and lots of pictures!

  3. Anonymous10:21 PM

    You will be awesome. Just remember to breath and think of the pay cheque at the end of it all. Love Mo

  4. That's great!

    If you need ideas or different ways to explain things a great place to check out is - people share all kinds of slide shows - I've used it as back up for teaching social media classes. Always helpful little tidbits to be found :)