My thoughts on TVs season premieres, Part I

by - Friday, October 12, 2012

This is a good week late... but here are my takes from round one of the Fall TV season premières .. not too many new shows were added in that first week... most of the true new shows started this past week.

Seriously though... do you think I watch too much TV?  This is only about half of what is programmed into my PVR (that's a DVR for you Americans).

Bones... good, but I kind of miss the sexual tension Bones and Booth had. And yes - I know I said I wanted them together, but I'm not sure I like it. The whole premise of the show is actually getting a little old - I doubt there's much life left in it.

Survivor... every year I say I won't watch another season, and yet I do. Not sure why as every season is just like the last - well, except Blair from the Facts of Life has never been on before.

2 Broke Girls... still full of the cheesy and overly scripted one-liners, but I still love the show.

Partners... I will be dropping this one from the PVR pronto - it was boring and shows no hope of getting better or developing any sort of storyline.

Hawaii Five-O... Wo Fat's escape was totally unbelievable, and I'm kind of glad that Chin Ho's wife is the one that kicked the bucket cause I didn't like her.

Parenthood... I'm really liking Ray Ramano on the show - I'd be okay if him and Lorelei Gilmore (can't remember her name on the show) hooked up. I'm sure the cancer storyline will bring me to tears on more than one occasion.

Glee... I haven't really watched the show in forever, I just have it on so I can have my very own karaoke and dance party every five or so minutes for an hour.

NCIS... I love it when Gibbs just takes it upon himself to get the job done.

NCIS: Los Angeles... seriously... I need Deeks and Kensi to get together.

CSI... continuation of the "cliffhanger" episode from last season.  Still enjoying Ted Danson.

Law & Order SVU... not a huge fan of the new captain, but I doubt he'll be around much longer.

Private Practice... Addison made the right choice!  I think this show is on its last season though.

New Girl... I don't know why I watch this show. Last year I stopped recording it on the PVR, but I've been sucked back in. Jess annoys me... but I can't stop watching!

Criminal Minds... I love this show. I mean... it would be better if Shemar Moore took his shirt off, but still one of my faves.

Big Bang Theory... this show makes me laugh every time.  Still unsure if I want Leonard and Penny together though.

Grey's Anatomy... What is up with Dr. Avery's hair. I think there is a part if me that is immune to the storylines on this show now... plus we all knew that Dr. Sloan dies since he wasn't coming back for this season. Not sure I'm a fan of any of the new interns.

CSI: NY... decent opener, left room for a tie-in to the next show.  Wondering how the whole memory loss thing for Mac will go.

Elementary... I wasn't sure about this one.  And then Sherlock started sniffing the carpet to find clues.  Then it won me over.

The Mindy Project... it's growing on me.  The storyline is a little weak, but I'll give it another chance.

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  1. I love new girl!

    i'm not in love yet with this season of Grey's despite all my previous years of still hanging on tho!!, i'm in until all the other good shows pop up..

    2 broke girls, i catch this here and there.

    the mindy project...i think has potential, so I keep watching. if something better comes along, this is out!