Minimalism Game, Week 1

by - Monday, August 11, 2014

One of my dreams is to have one of those homes where there's no clutter... the kind where you put one decorative piece on a shelf and call it a day.

Let's just say, my condo is far from that.

But, this month, I'll get closer to that goal.

A co-worker and I have decided to do the Minimalism Game - starting at the beginning of the month, you get rid of one thing on the first, two things on the second and so on and so on until you get rid of 31 things on the 31st (why did we choose such a long month - why we couldn't have done this in February is beyond me!).

We've made it through the first week, and are halfway through the second.  We've set up a Facebook page to post pictures of what we're getting rid of, and so far, so good (I just wish I hadn't taken two car loads of things to the VV boutique in the last couple of months, cause Day 31 is going to be a bitch, and I've already been told I can't throw away 31 grains of rice).

Here's a picture of what was ridded from my house in Week 1... 28 items gone, 450+ to go!

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