by - Friday, February 26, 2016

My next trip abroad is in 69 days. I'll be adding a shwack of countries to my total number of countries visited, and like all of my other trips, I've entered planning mode earlier than most. 

I'll be spending 16 days on a cruise, followed by a couple of 24-hour whirlwind trips to cities I've never visited. I love the choices of airlines in Europe. For about $200 I've booked flights from Copenhagen to Riga, Riga to Vilnius and the Vilnius back to Copenhagen. I couldn't fly return to the next biggest city in Canada for double that. 

As per my last cruise (so the usual), I won't be participating in cruise ship excursions. The thought of being on a 52-passenger bus with a bunch of old people (face it, I'll be on the younger end of the age spectrum) makes me want to vomit. 

Instead, for the couple of places I'm doing tours (like St. Petersburg where you have to go on a tour to get around needing to apply for a Russian visa), I've booked tours that max out at 16-20 people - a smaller group means (in theory) you can do more as the tour guide isn't spending their time herding kittens. 

69 days... and then I'll take off for Copenhagen and land the next morning on my 39th birthday. A happy birthday to me!

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