Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

by - Monday, March 07, 2016

I may have been on this earth for almost 39 years, but there's still a lot I need to learn. 

I need to learn to not let things that are out of my control bother me. 

I need to not instantly react to things that bother me.

I need to learn that I'm paid to work seven hours a day, and should focus any of my time outside those seven hours on anything but work. 

I can't make people like me, and I can't make them proud of my accomplishments, even when they should be. 

There are many people with whom I don't agree with and don't like, and I can't change them into someone that I do like. 

And most of all, I can't waste time sweating the small stuff. It's the small stuff that'll kill me. 

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