Another Set of Goals...

by - Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not quite as ambitious as my New Year's goals... but if I write these down then maybe someone out there in blogger world will ask if I actually accomplished any of them, and if I can't answer yes, then I am a failure... at my goals - not life (although sometimes there is a fine line).

Here goes...

1. Put some shelves in the odd-shaped closet downstairs - right now it is a useless hole. (took the measurements - just need to do the work - of course - why would the measurements be the same at the top of the closet and the bottom???)
2. Install the bathroom sink - I read a book - I think that I can do it. Perhaps the shower head and tap too... if I'm feeling lucky...
3. Clean up the mess I made of the basement in the last few months - including sorting out the tools and actually charging all of the damn drills so I can use them when I want to. (downstairs spare bedroom and laundry room done!!)
4. Update my online dating profiles to remove the part where I like my job - I feel I can put 'gainfully employed' in its place.
5. Make some freaking cards! I have this damn Etsy store that is going to waste!
6. I think that is about it. But I reserve the right to add more to this list at any time.
*7. Update my resume so I can apply for the cool jobs in Calgary that Karen sent me already! God knows that I can't even afford a one-bedroom there (I checked on MLS tonight), but maybe I can find a sugar-daddy there!
*8. Do my taxes (that is if all the paperwork comes in). (done!! I should be getting a $450 refund within the next two weeks - gotta love telefile!)

I am going to try and eat dinner now - this will be the first test since the hot dog incident of last night... I have managed to not eat at all today - but my Tim Horton's extra large steeped tea triple-triple seems to be sitting well... too bad I didn't win on my Roll Up the Rim to Win! (check - downed some spaghetti and it has been there for over four hours with no "flare-ups")

Oh - maybe I am a multi-millionaire - I am pretty sure the $1,000,000 per year for 25 years draw is tonight and I am feeling lucky. Oh - I would so love to tell work to F*** OFF!! And I would say it just like that... after collecting my cheque of course - knowing my luck I would get dyslexia and read the numbers backwards and I would have to grovel the next day blaming my outbreak on Turrets Syndrome! (didn't win the big one but I am going to check my ticket in the machine anyways!)

Oh - and just a question - do you think that there is a conflict of interest if I try and start my own educational consulting business on the side? Like letting people know how to get in certain places, helping them with the process... kind of like what I do now but for all universities... least likely the one that I work for now because I am on a kick to get less students to stay so certain people lose their jobs. Boy - am I spiteful or what?

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  1. The hotdog experience sounded quite terrible. I hope you've fully recovered... I could live off that steeped tea though... mmmmm steeped tea - I didn't even know if was roll up the rim time again - I will have to pick up some brew tomorrow morning.

    I hope you won the $1M year... that would be a great pick me up. I didn't buy a ticket so I'm not in the running.

    I know you said no okanagan but there is a communications job with the city of kelowna... looked pretty good...

  2. Carmen you could move in with my parents until you find a place to live...big house, pool, home cooked meals.

  3. If you go further south than me you can get a apartment condo for less than your house and you can find your sugar daddy from there. also, we have a spare room for the meantime and willhopefully get a house soon with a basement etc. But apply for sure!!!