by - Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I have now been in Calgary a full month... and here are some things that I think are pretty cool and are some of the good reasons I moved her...

1. Friends - my Calgary friends are awesome (so are all my others... I have the bestest friends in the world)
2. Swiss Chalet and Olive Garden
3. Farmer's Market (it is better than Costco for taste-testing at lunch!)
4. Shopping
5. Cool radio stations
6. The bar scene (now - I am not one for the bar, and by no means am I going to spend much if any time actually in the bars - but they are far cooler than the PG bars - I mean in one there is a mechanical bull and the other I saw Kat Von D!!)
7. My apartment (ok - writing the first rent cheque wasn't so fun, but I am liking the actual place and where it is in Calgary)
8. Westjet (a direct flight home)
9. Neato things to do on the weekend (I went to the GlobalFest fireworks, the Calgary Tattoo Exhibition and I have plans on lots of hockey games and the Calgary Theatre production of Beauty and the Beast later on...)
10. I am sure there is more...

Bad things...
1. Flames, Flames fans and everything to do with the Flames...

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  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Ah...Kat Von D...I'm so jealous!

    Westjet ROCKs - my hubby works for them.

  2. I must second Allisons Boo...Hiss!!! I know you are going to start chearing the Flames. It is just a matter of time.

  3. Oh, good list. And I support you in not liking the Flames. I couldn't care less as I cannot stand all hockey, but I support your decision.